Robert Maclennan, MA, RP, OSP
Clinical Member:
College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario
Ontario Society of Psychotherapists

Together, you and I build a safe, calm, open space, where we can be ourselves. Then we play the puzzle of life. We unpack the pieces and turn them meaning-side up. We find matching patterns and colours. Then we fit the pieces together to make sense and order. Finally, you can step back into the picture, feeling more able to play the game.

Drawing on my eclectic education, we seek to shape the work to your situation. My training includes experiential psychotherapy, cognitive–behavioural therapy, focusing-oriented psychotherapy, narrative therapy, relational psychotherapy, and internal family systems therapy, among others.

I’ve published peer-reviewed articles on psychotherapy and neuroscience, and a book of meditations on emotion, Emotional Wisdom. My graduate degree in literature informed my previous career as an editor and publisher. With this broad background, I bring a wealth of life experience to our work together.